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We are entrepreneurs who believe entrepreneurialism drives the economy.

We are technologists who believe technology can make the world a better place. We are decision makers who believe ‘having the data’ leads to the best decisions. We live in Los Angeles and believe L.A. is a world-class technology hub that’s getting stronger every day. And we believe in audacious ideas and the people with the conviction to make them happen.


We invest in companies that disrupt the status quo.

We look for entrepreneurs who inspire us and we do whatever it takes to help them get the job done. We contribute capital, but more importantly, we put in our time, effort, and experience based on decades of being entrepreneurs ourselves.


What’s with the name?

While we make investments across the globe, we are proud to be a Los Angeles-based fund. Interstate 10 connects Santa Monica, sometimes referred to as “Silicon Beach,” to downtown and beyond to the Claremont colleges (and if you keep going, to Palm Springs, which we also like). Take the 110 to Pasadena and visit JPL and CalTech. Throw in the 101 and you can make your way up to Silicon Valley, that other technology hub.