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On 01, Feb 2013 | In | By TenOneTen


Ranker is a crowdsourced platform that consumers visit 9 million times a month to view, rank, and vote on broad opinion-based questions ranging from the yummiest gluten-free crackers to the most attractive celebrities to the top inexpensive cars. Ranker is the “Yelp for everything else”.

Ranker’s scale allows them to profitably monetize their 70m+ monthly pageviews via advertising. Equally importantly, Ranker is a fully-semantic consumer data collection machine. This data produces continually updated rankings across 1000s of topics with intrinsic value far beyond regular pageviews and has in parallel built an “opinion graph” (people who like X also like Y, and think Z is expensive) with over 7 million “edges”. This data has immense value to market researchers, ad agencies, ad targeters, and other enterprise customers who derive value from consumer psychographics.

Ranker was founded by Clark Benson, a lifelong entrepreneur with four prior successful startups. The last was eCrush, a top 10 online dating service (acquired by Hearst). Ranker is backed by Draper Associates, Rincon Venture Partners, Siemer Ventures, Lowercase Capital, Data Collective, BullPen Capital, TenOneTen Ventures, Tech Coast Angels and Pasadena Angels.

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