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On 26, Apr 2013 | In | By TenOneTen


The ways we find, interact, and consume websites and services have remained largely unchanged over the years. Browsers render faster; mobile devices have more apps, and yet we still adhere to a model where every service has its own way of organizing information.

Let’s reimagine how we fundamentally use the web. Vurb lets you search and interact with online services in a faster, smarter, and social way, by understanding your actions and connecting you with relevant information.

Vurb combines search, recommendation, and big data with UX/UI innovations for users to search and interact with online services in a smarter, faster, and social manner. (patents pending)

As the hub linking services together, Vurb introduces a new interaction paradigm that helps users accomplish tasks and organize, curate, and share information from one central destination on web and mobile.